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Thinking about visiting lake County??  Getting married in Lake County??   Think twice…
Sad to say… Forget it.
Let your voice be heard! Boycott Lake County! Cancel Travel Plans!!!
This beyond beautiful property was closed by a new director at Lake County Planning Department without notice and 3 days before a very special wedding that had been planned 1 year in advance. These guests lives were scarred forever.
Despite written permission from the prior Lake County planning department director and over 10 years of planning department support and help in growth of Precious Forest including promised codes for camping this atrocity took place. The former director I worked with for 12 years without any issues had promised to write camping codes for Precious Forest. He suddenly left the department in 2016 and a new director arrived who immediately started demanding that residential building codes be applied to camping/glamping. This is just one of many many illegal and vindictive decrees actions & decisions.
Precious Forest was open for over 8 years and thousands of guests enjoyed her beauty and enchanted forest location.
Precious Forest hired an attorney, a very seasoned project consultant and a professional engineer to try and weave through this vindictive hostile new planning department regime action. A year has passed and Precious Forest remains closed despite a massive professional work effort and tens of thousands of dollars spent. 20 weddings were destroyed in the last year. Our Attorney has established civil rights violations from Lake County during this vindictive hostile action. I believe this was government retaliation behavior and astounding incompetence by Lake County planning department and government.
Mind boggling damage was done both financially and emotionally to hundreds of people.
Lake County Supervisors??  Precious Forest remains closed by THEIR planning department, damaged & destroyed by THEIR planning department & thugs running wild and no apologies from THEIR Lake County Sheriff department.
Precious Forest needs your immediate help if to survive. The owners are destroyed. We worked 17 years to bring this amazing creation to life. My 82 year old grandfather Orville and Rob Varey a famous very skilled log builder from Canada, and others and myself built this cabin over 4 years carefully hand cutting trees from the property. This cabin is one of a kind. My grandfather was 86 years old when he walked the ridge line of the cabin at her completion. He died the next year from cancer.
Precious Forest has been repeatedly harassed, threatened with violence,  provoked and robbed by criminal element. Precious Forest was robbed 3 times in the last month. Generators, building materials, tools, gas, etc, on and on. Same old thing.
Dangerous Hillbilly Thugs~
A restraining order (this cost $15000 legal fees) was granted on a violent thug harassing and threatening Precious Forest. Among MANY MANY other things he was running LOUD chain saws during wedding ceremonies destroying the peace and happiness of the very special occasion. The restraining order said this thug could not disturb Precious Forest guests in any way. He once again started running chain saws during the ceremonies. I called Lake County Sheriff office to assist multiple times. They refused to enforce the restraining order. Weddings were ruined.
I confronted this thug on MY property (no violence) right after he JUMPED one of my staff with 2 OTHER THUGS and PICKED A FIGHT during a wedding reception. He did this while he had a restraining order on him to stay away from me and all guests and staff. Sheriff office came and arrested ME?? and left the guests unprotected from these dirt bag thugs.
This is the mentality you might experience if you come to this apparently corrupt dysfunctional county and its leadership. To this date these thugs run wild doing as they wish without repercussion. More to come on this soon. I will post many guests statements.
 Precious Forest is a rare beautiful ship about to sink forever. 5 stars on Yelp and many other review sites.
Lucerne is a small town with a huge drug problem. County could not even keep there million dollar castle rented to a college for $1 a month or a year, not sure (if I remember the price details right) and now they don’t help Precious Forest which is most likely the most successful business in the history of Lucerne if you gauge it on wholesome benefit added to the town and county and happiness created. Precious Forest filled many hotels for years and brought in millions of dollars of revenue all over the county. Lake County leadership seems to care less. Where is there focus??? Thugs are protected and beloved local business is not protected and further, harassed.
Not a great recipe for visitors to feel confident about.
I gave the best years of my life and my life’s savings trying to help my home county where i grew up. I left a 6 figures job to come home here. I worked 7 days a week for 17 years trying to survive and add a great benefit to this county. My family suffered over and over and over again as we had to deal with these attacks and problems over the years. Now in the end I am destroyed emotionally and financially.
I have worked in hospitality in Maui, Santa Barbara, Napa Valley and I saw how the guests were protected and hospitality and guests service was not taken lightly. Thugs were IMMEDIATELY taken to jail, NOT HERE. Here in Lake County I am completely dismayed at what I have seen over and over again.
Precious Forest needs IMMEDIATE help with the following:
Let your voice be heard! Boycott this county and its behavior! Cancel travel plans and let county know why! supervisors 7072632368
FUNDS for Legal help are needed please. Damages are HUGE!
I have completely lost faith with this county’s government.
Thank you kindly.
Words can not describe the beauty of this place and the hearts that have been touched here with happiness.







Michelle Hutchison reviewed Precious Forest5 star

September 7, 2016 ·

 We had our wedding there on September 3, and it was the best day of our lives!!

Ken was so accommodating and attentive and truly made our day even more special.

Everyone loved the catering and couldn’t stop raving about it. The cabins, and canvas tents were so quaint and so comfortable. We had 100 guests and everyone has been giving us feedback about how much they enjoyed the venue.

Thank you Ken and team!! ❤️

ATT_1444184107107_IMG_6114Precious Forest Wedding Cabin

check us out on Yelp!! 5 Stars!


                           +we offer TEACHER, STUDENT, SERVICE PERSONNEL & other discounts!

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Staff that work all day! Whole property private!

Beautiful Forest Mountain Setting!

Rustic Redwood Farm Tables and Chairs Included!

Service Ware Included!

Self Service Bar with Wine & Champagne Glasses Included!

Complimentary Royal Wedding Feast and 11 Story book Camping tents & cabin Included complimentary.

Sleeping 30 guests in Pillow Top Beds with luxurious linens Included Complimentary on wedding night!

note: only on wedding day & night are more than 20 guests allowed on property. 20 guests Tuesday-Friday

Staff, Beverage Bar, Coffee Bar, Passed Hors d’oeuvre Included Complimentary!

No Corkage or bar fees!

Simple pricing to understand!

 up to 5 day/5 night mountain wedding retreat! 

$6700 for up to 50 guests. Add $60 per person after 50

~luxury wedding camp private~


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recent reviews!!



miranda views


CALL 7077011487 OR 7073484148 beautifulCB1_7620

30 minute drive to Blue Lakes from Precious Forest

Romantic Rustic Wedding Venue, Sumptuous Feasting, Glamorous Camping

We have rustic farm tables too!

92 degrees (in the shade) was the hottest temperature recorded at Precious Forest during summer 2013

to inquire please email to: thepreciousforest@yahoo.com 

and call 7073484148 office

7077011487 cell

  • Guest Ann
  • Date of stay 04/12/14
  • Review Submitted 04/24/14
 “Romance, adventure, family, and the most relaxing nights in the ” My husband and I stayed at (very) Precious Forest for two foggy nights in February to scout out the venue and plan our April vow renewal. We came extremely prepared. We read off-the-grid, so we came equipped with water, flashlights, candles, batteries, and board games. Instead, apparently, everything was provided for, and we didn’t touch the board games because the view from the deck in the Chalet is just stunning rain or shine. There are not enough stars out there to truly rate our experience at Precious Forest. All 22 of our guests claimed that it was the best sleep they’d had in a while (we agree). Ken, the host, was the most gracious host we could have ever asked for. Normally, when you rent a place, you hope whoever owns it stays away the whole time, but we just kept hoping he’d come by for lunch! We had everything that we could have possibly needed to cook and serve all of the food, silverware, stemware, everything! When we read “refrigeration” we figured there would be a big cooler with some ice, but found that we were able to use an actual fridge. There were towels and comfy flannel sheets, and plenty of firewood. The spring water tastes fantastic and gets nice and hot. We had the most beautiful wedding, in such an amazing place full of heart and soul. In every corner of the property, you can really see the love that was put into it. Ken is just an awesome person, and we’ll never forget looking out past our guests to see him cheering us on after the ceremony. He was with us the entire day making sure everything went smoothly, and that’s an incredible thing that will keep us coming back to Precious Forest again, and again, and again.

The Precious Forest is a beautiful, magical place! We worked with Ken for almost a year on our special wedding in nature. There were times when I was worried that it would be difficult for everything to come together, but Ken worked so hard, and had such a great attitude about everything, and worked so well with all of us. He has such a great heart and really cared about making our magical event. Ken and his helpers also took care of the catering, and the food way exceeded our expectations! I would recommend you check out the Precious Forest if you’re looking for a unique event that really showcases the beauty of northern California.   Kevin B.   6/22/13~Wedding

shane wedd 032CALL 7077011487 OR 7073484148 thepreciousforest@gmail.com


 to inquire email to:    thepreciousforest@yahoo.com

or call 7077011487

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D-Wedding (134c)

lil sweet



Royal Forest Wedding Package!

Complimentary Wedding Feast and Comfortable Camping 

Bands Welcome!

 We have payment plans available.

PreciousForestWeddings A Lifetime of Memories,  Precious Forest style! all lodging is heated! Our Camping Cabins are WARM, DRY AND COZY!

no refunds

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“There is no picture or review that will EVER touch the magic of this place! It is quiet, remote, romantic and perfect. Perfect for weekends away with your spouse, perfect for a glamping (that’s glamour camping) trip with the family, perfect for getting away for some alone time! Although this place has all the modern conveniences, like electricity and running water, my husband and I LOVE to bring candles and create a romantic/rustic atmosphere… 😉 I recommend this beautiful property to EVERYONE… a stay here is Marriage Insurance…”     Words from Melissa, another happy guest! 3/21/12


Precious Forest was so awesome,  and it could not have been a more fun, magical place. We fit 20 people comfortably with room to spare.

Ken prepared dinner for us on Saturday night and it was INCREDIBLE. It was seriously one of the most delicious meals I have had all year. Walnut smoked steak, ribs, chicken, potatoes, salad. Really a tasty meal.

He was such a gracious host and I would recommend this place to anybody. Outdoor showers, toilets, and a full kitchen made this the perfect ‘glamping’ experience–rustic but still comfortable and stress free. Great fire pit, great sunsets, great time!   Christine  8/24/13

Relax and get married Precious Forest style!

sara and adrian wedding pic



Leave the food to us!

We also have authentic Mexican food !

The House Smoked meats are delicious!  The chef/owner uses all natural meats and you can taste the quality.  Couple that with his amazing seasoning skills, he puts out a delicious plate of food! I ordered a full tri-tip roast the first time.  Also ordered beans and the Caesar salad.  The tri-tip was done perfectly.  A little rarer in the middle and and some medium pieces on the ends.  The crust was crunchy and delicious.  The sides were good too. Second time I visited I ordered pulled pork and tri-tip.  The tri-tip was as good as the first time and the pulled pork was one of the best I’ve had.  Pulled pork can often be dry, this was dripping w/ juices.  And the BBQ sauce is outrageously good. Now I’m hooked and try to head that way each time I’m here for a visit.

PLEASE bring your own ice chests and ice
ROYAL FOREST FEAST ! All Dishes Below!
Freshly Baked Loaves Of Bread ~ Komo Sourdough, Whole Grain, Olive
Organic Local Grown Salad Of Mixed Greens, & Arugula & Homemade Dressings
Roasted Tomato Caprese
Fresh Bay Shrimp Avocado Salad
Quinoa Feta Fresh Mint & Cherry tomato salad
Fresh Fruit Salad
Smoked Garlic and Brussels
Fire Roasted butternut Squash
Italian Paccheri Pasta with Parmesan & Romano   A Must have !!! Colored Bells (Peppers) & Portabella Mushrooms Grilled With Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cheese Board & Berries
 West Coast Wild King Salmon seasonal
Choice Whole Tri Tips House Smoked & Fire Roasted ~  House Specialty!!
Hot Links 
Smoked Baby Back Pork Ribs
Grilled Chicken Thighs
Smoked Pork Steaks
Plus – Surprise Dish



(all homemade) fire roasted Chile rellenos, Beef Birria, refried beans, Spanish rice, guacamole, jalapeno salsa, pico de guyo, avocado salsa, corn tortillas & chips.


Wedding/Event Season April-October

Office 707-348-4148

Cell 707-701-1487

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Location: 7180 Bartlett Springs Road  Lucerne, CA 95458

(2 hrs from Sacramento – 3.5 from San Francisco)


Lake County Is Wine Country!

Northern California’s scenic Lake County is experiencing a nascent renaissance. A new generation of growers, wineries and hospitality is remodeling old tourist destinations and building new ones that are state-of-the-art. Indeed, things are changing fast in this attractive area, which is focused around the beautiful, recreation-oriented jewel of Clear Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake in California.

  • 5 miles away from Clear Lake (California’s largest natural lake).
  • Next door to  fine wine tasting at Ceago Winery, Brassfield Estate High Valley on the mountain and Tulip Hill Winery.
  • 10 miles to Indian Valley – some of California’s largest wild Brown Trout play.
  • Pinnacle Rock – 2.3 miles away.

Directions: Drive North on Highway 101, 5 miles past Ukiah, CA to 20 East Lake County. You will pass Lake Mendocino and Blue Lakes, Upper Lake then Nice. Just past Nice is Tulip Hill Winery (ON YOUR LEFT) just before Ceago Winery.

  • Refrigeration is by ice chest. Refrigeration IS PROVIDED for wedding events.
  • we do have the right power supply for large groups, computers, DJ’s and bands, don’t worry 😉
  • You will need to bring your own ice chest with ice and food & beverage and a good flash light.
  • Cookware, plates, silverware,  mugs & glasses are provided.
  • Directions to Precious Forest…..Hwy 20 to Bartlett Springs road at Tulip Hill Winery. Go 5.3 miles on Bartlett Springs road up the mountain to Precious Forest, turn left down the driveway! Precious Forest is generator powered. Bartlett Springs road is a county maintained forestry unpaved road. Refrigeration is PROVIDED!!. PLEASE bring your own ice chests and ice for inside your cabin.

HERE IS A GREAT IDEA… Stop At Blue Lake And Enjoy The Day Swimming, Kayaking Or Boating. After That Head Up To Precious Forest For Sunset. PreciousForestSunset

100% non refundable
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