Jun 172012

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Lake County's Precious Forest Family Resort - The Path Less Traveled

Lake County’s Precious Forest Family Resort – The Path Less Traveled

Hello and welcome to our post page.

We will be making future post here covering just about any subject or topic that might be helpful or interesting during your stay with us.

Camping, Cooking, Recreation, Travel or just about anything else to of intrest when it comes to planning your Lake County Ca mountain retreat vacation.

We might even write about the birth and growth of the Precious Forest property or maybe even some local Bartlett Springs – Lake County history or popular events you might not want to miss.

Are you interested in anything in particular? Leave a comment and let us know what is on your mind.

The Precious Forest Mountain Resort is one of the most peacful and beautiful places you could stay if you just want to get off the grid for awhile and relax in natural surroundings.

Well that is just my TWO CENTS for today…

Happy Trails

Ken S

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