Apr 202014

7 Bedroom 4200 sq foot Log Lodge

150 acre Ranch – Panoramic Lake & Valley Views!!!

Our new wedding venue & mountain retreat!

2014 calendar is wide open!

More Details Here

  4 Responses to “Precious Mountain Wedding Venue & Retreat”

  1. I was hoping to learn more about your location and the pricing for a wedding at your venue! We are looking to hold our wedding in 2016 đŸ™‚ Thank you and I look forward to find out more!

  2. hello!
    i was wondering if i could have some more information about your wedding venue? we are palnning on getting married in late 2016. how many people are allowed? and what is the price to just book for the day with no over night cabins needed.

    thanks so much!!
    Maria Copas

  3. Hello
    I’m helping my friend plan her wedding for fall of 2017 and I was wondering what your price is and what all is included?

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